Puffs with cherries - the most delicious pastry with your favorite berry! Surprise you with your skill: engage in cooking cherry puffs

Puffs with cherries - the most delicious pastry with your favorite berry! Surprise you with your skill: engage in cooking cherry puffs

Many wonderful dishes are made from puff pastry. But puffs with cherries are something special. You can please yourself and your loved ones all year round with this delicious pastry. After all, our cherry is inexpensive and you can stock it up without any problems. Frozen berries in a puff are not less tasty than fresh ones.

You can diversify the taste of the filling, adjusting the amount of sugar, and thus will be satisfied, and those who like sweeter, and those who love sour cherries.

Cherry puffs - the general principles of cooking

Puff pastry is better to cook yourself. After all, using the store, we do not know exactly what it was made of and when, for how long it lain on the counter.

But from home-made pastry, any pastry will be tender, fragrant, airy and incredibly tasty.

You can prepare it for future use and store in the freezer.

But no one forbids baking puffs with cherries from dough purchased at the store.

If it is frozen, then it must be defrosted beforehand, and not just before baking.

Cherry should be washed, let the water drain and remove the bones.

Frozen berries are thawed, like the dough, in advance. In the evening, take out of the freezer and put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Then the defrost will be held evenly. Cherry can be placed above the sink in a colander, and the liquid will gradually drain.

Starch and sugar are added to the filling, as well as chocolate, almonds, cottage cheese.

For fluffy puffs, we use sifted flour of the highest grade. To make the dough, you also need butter or margarine, water or milk, eggs, sugar and salt. You can use yeast, vanilla, lemon juice, vegetable oil.

Roll out the prepared dough to a thickness of less than one cm and divide it into squares with a side of 10 cm. This is a standard size.

The shape of the cherry puffs depends on the fantasy. They should be baked on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. There should be a distance of three centimeters between the puffs, as they will increase in size. Oven temperature for uniform baking dishes - 190-220 degrees. Standard cooking time is 25 minutes.

Recipe 1. Cherry puffs “Generous treat”


For test:

• half a kilo of flour;

• 200 ml of water;

• 300 gr. + 75 gr. cream margarine;

• one lemon;

• 10 gr. salt.

For the filling:

• 600 gr. cherries;

• 150 gr. sugar;

• 60 gr. corn starch.

Cooking Method:

Put a small piece (75 grams) of creamy margarine in a slightly heated oven. There he will melt completely for several minutes. This can be done in a water bath. The melted mixture is left to cool to room temperature.

Pour water into a large bowl and add salt. It should dissolve very well so that no precipitate remains.

Squeeze juice from lemon.

Fill chilled creamy margarine. Slowly mix the ingredients.

Fall asleep flour in the bowl and stir it quickly. On the test we will make a shallow cross-shaped incision, cover and put in the fridge for about twenty minutes.

Put a small plate with baking paper and lay 300 grams of creamy margarine on it. Top cover with another piece of paper.

Armed with a rolling pin, we will shake the margarine into a layer with a side of approximately fifteen cm, and a thickness of two cm. Also send it to the refrigerator for about fifteen minutes.

Let's cook the filling. Cherries put in a saucepan, pour them sugar and starch.

Over medium heat bring to a boil and leave to cool.

We take out the dough and roll out a layer of creamy margarine. Free them from the film and parchment.

The dough on the spot cut as it unfold. We roll the edges with a rolling pin so that we have a flower with petals.

In the middle we place creamy margarine, rolled into a layer. We close it with petals from dough and roll it again into a rectangle with approximate dimensions (in centimeters) 40 * 25 and one cm thick. Fold it in three layers and leave in the refrigerator for ten minutes.

We take the dough and do the previous operations: roll it out into the reservoir, fold in three layers and return to the refrigerator for ten minutes. The rolling process must be repeated at least five times. When the dough is dubbed last time (up to a thickness of half a centimeter), then we cut it into strips, and we cut them into squares with a side of ten centimeters.

Make four cuts from each edge to the center and connect the opposite edges diagonally. At the bottom of the puffs, we make a few punctures with a fork.

Place them on the prepared baking sheet and fill with cherry filling.

Shatter the egg and grease each piece.

Twenty minutes later, the aroma of cherry puffs will fill the most remote corner of the house and lure everyone for a cup of tea.

Recipe 2. Puffs with cherries “Daughter's gift”


• five incomplete glasses of flour;

• two teaspoons including salt;

• two spoons of art. sugar;

• one and a half spoons including high-speed yeast;

• yolks of two eggs;

• 350 gr. butter;

• four spoons of art. vegetable oil;

• one and a half glass of milk;

• 400 gr. ripe cherries;

• 100 gr. sugar for powder berries.

Cooking Method:

We are engaged in the preparation of yeast dough.

In a saucepan, slightly heat up a half cup of milk. Add a spoon of sugar and dilute the yeast.

Let's wait until our mass starts to foam.

Add the remaining sugar, one yolk, salt, vegetable oil. All very carefully stir with a whisk or spoon.

Add a little flour and make a soft dough. In the process of kneading pour the remaining milk.

We put the container with the dough in a warm place in order to rise. It will take at least an hour.

We collect the dough into a bun and divide it for convenience into two parts.

We roll one of the parts to a centimeter thickness. Fold it with a little book and roll it out again from the middle to the edges.

We smear the resulting rectangle with soft butter. Again we fold the book, roll it out, spread it with butter. We repeat these operations at least five times.

In order to get crunchy layers, the thickness of the rectangle must be five or seven mm.

In the same way we process the second part of the test.

Let's take the formation of puffs. Cut the dough layer into 10 cm squares. We make small cuts in one of the corners: so that the air evaporates unhindered. Put the cherry stuffing, sprinkle with sugar and form a puff in the form of a triangular pad. The edges are tipped with a fork. Leave the workpiece for about twenty minutes at room temperature.

Each puff smear loose yolk and send bake in the usual way.

Recipe 3. Cherry puffs “Gentle”


• 500 gr. puff pastry;

• 300 gr. cherries;

• three table l. sugar;

• yolk;

• one solovaya l. starch;

Cooking Method:

Prepared berries poured sugar and set aside for about twenty minutes.

Pour cherries in a small saucepan, add starch and stir.

We put on a slow fire and cook, stirring constantly, until thick.

Cut the dough into standard squares and roll up to 8 mm thickness.

In one of the corners we put about a tablespoon of filling. On the opposite side, we make several cuts.

The edges of the square will be smeared with water to make the dough easier to glue.

We will make envelopes and lay them on a baking sheet in cuts up.

To make the puffs ruddy, grease them with yolk.

Preparing baking twenty minutes (220 degrees).

Recipe 4. Chocolate Cherry Puffs


• layer of puff pastry dough;

• chocolate bar with nuts;

• 200 gr. cherries;

• one egg;

• flour;

• powdered sugar.

Cooking Method:

We release the cherries from the bones and cut them into small pieces.

Sprinkle with flour a plate and dip a layer of dough on both sides. Cut it in half.

Alternately, roll each piece into identical rectangles up to 5 mm thick.

We put one layer of dough on the bottom of the molds.

Place chocolate in the center. Top carefully pour cherries.

Over it we place the second layer of the test. All four edges well pinch. For this you can use a fork.

In a small bowl, break the egg and lightly beat it.

We take a brush in our hands and richly decorate the puff.

We send baked.

We finish the cooking by sprinkling the food with sweet powder.

Recipe 5. Cherry and almond puffs


• one layer of yeast-free puff pastry;

• 0.25 kg of cherries;

• egg;

• a handful of dried almonds;

• flour;

• 40 gr. white chocolate;

• one tablespoon of sugar;

• pinch of almond and cinnamon;

• pinch of sea salt.

Cooking Method:

On the work surface pour a little flour.

Roll out the dough, and then divide into four squares.

Pour almonds in a mortar and grind to particles of different sizes. Pour sugar, cinnamon and mix the contents.

Separate the yolk from the protein.

On each square of dough lay out a spoonful of table cherry. Place it on one of the corners, departing from the edge of a centimeter. Sprinkle cherries with chopped almonds with sugar and cinnamon.

The edges of the dough grease with egg white. Cover the cherry filling with the opposite angle so as to get a triangle. The edges are pressed hands and fork. Irregularities cut off with a knife.

Salt the yolk, mix and brush the puffs with the cherry.

We bake about twenty minutes (190 degrees).

In a small saucepan, melt the chocolate. Decorate them with baked puffs.

Recipe 6. Cherry puffs and curds


• half a kilo of puff pastry;

• one egg;

• 150 gr. curd mass;

• one dining l. sour cream;

• a quarter cup of sugar;

• bag of vanilla;

• 0.15 kg of cherries.

For glaze:

• a cup of powdered sugar;

• two tea l. some water.

Cooking Method:

Put cottage cheese in a nice bowl. Add sour cream, sugar and vanilla. Mix and get a beautiful curd mass.

In another bowl we will break the egg and set it aside.

Roll out the dough and cut it into squares. On each make cuts around the perimeter. Lubricate the dough behind them with an egg and lightly sprinkle with sugar.

In the middle of the puff put a little curd mass and put a few berries.

Prepared baked semi-finished products.

Sugar powder mixed with water. Knead until the mass becomes smooth and uniform.

Puffs from the pan do not remove. We decorate them with a teaspoon of icing sugar, creating cross thin lines. We remove the puffs with cherries and curds from the sheet after the sweet stripes harden.

Recipe 7. Cherry puffs in a quick way


• 0.25 kg puff pastry;

• 0.15 kg of cherries;

• starch;

• sugar;

• powdered sugar.

Cooking Method:

Layer the dough placed on a plate with flour and roll out. Then cut it into several squares of standard size. Put on the center of each half-spoon of starch. We place on top of the pieces seven cherries, sprinkle them with sugar (one and a half tea spoons).

We bend the sides and fasten together. Leave the top of the puff open.

Put them on a baking sheet and send them to bake.

We decorate the top puffs with cherry icing sugar.

Cherry Puffs - Tricks and Tips

  • For puffs, yeast-like puff pastry is more suitable.
  • The layers of yeast dough are very strong and can hold the filling inside the product. From it goes perfectly closed baking. But the unleavened puff pastry will keep the filling on itself, not in itself.
  • So that the layers do not burst when rolling, you need to add quite a bit of lemon juice to the dough.
  • Melted margarine or butter should not be cooled in the refrigerator - lumps will appear in them.
  • It is much more convenient to cut the dough with a pizza knife.
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